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Well the ugly truth just reviled it's self

Well the ugly truth just reviled it's self... And it's not what I expected.. but hurts none the less...

Original wording from text message..

This is going to be the only polite interaction we have. First off my names Ian and I'm jenns real boyfriend I tolerated the spam calling and texting but what I wont tolerate is you being rude. I don't care what type of fantasy relationship you 2 had but it's not real and it certainly doesn't warrant that type of reaction I hope i'm being clear when I say Jenn wants nothing to do with you and on top of that I expect a full apology to her for the name calling. Take care of that and we wont have any issues.

Okay.. Now I'm fucking pissed...

1. You sit there and use me? lie to me and do all this shit? You expect me to apologize to you? NOT A STONE COLD CHANCE IN HELL!

2. I never at any time called her any names...

3. The so called spam calling was , what I though was a concerned boyfriend checking to make sure his girlfriend was safe and alive. After she had to drive all that distance on very little sleep.. So now caring about someone's welfare is a bad thing?!!

Now let me make one thing clear to you both (You know who you are) . I don't cower to anyone. You've got issues they are with yourself. Anyone who remotely claims to be a boyfriend .. sit there and let his girl engage in this kind of trick on someone?! You need help dude, cause your the one who is sick. And jenn.. Your nothing like what you described to me.. You used me and lied to not only me, but every one of my friends, so you best be prepared for the reputation you just made for yourself.. Furs talk.. what you did was inexcusable and for what? A fursuit? I honestly for a chance can say with a clear head that I'm very shocked and surprised in your treatment of me.. You had me fooled for sure. To stoop to such a low level to just get a material possession.. I never honestly though anyone could stoop so low... So don't worry.. You won't her from me again.. I want nothing to do with your type... Don't even bother trying to send any explanations to me.. I don't want to hear anymore bullshit.
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Double Standards - Nerve of some people

Well as I had posted elsewhere about my friends who are in an apartment living situation that was becoming volatile finally saw a resolution today. Tragic that it had to come to this but at least there will be time for all sides to cool off.

So why this post?

Simple, and this is directed solly at ONE PERSON who of the 11 involved, this one person IRKED me. One minor other topic is directed at all 6-8 others who left, But again it's small compared to what this other person did.

Because of the crap and the argument of what energy he used to fight me over it just less then a month ago, I am going to mention his name. Typhon of Columbus Ohio Furs. Had the nerve to just a month ago drill me and shout at me in their overcrowded living room about how I had the nerve to leave Snowball with nothing when I moved out (Even though he was wrong). Well Darkwolf woke this morning to all them packing boxes and loading up a U-haul truck to go to a new home they had acquired. Now I arrived to the apartment shortly after they left and I SAW the conditions of the place AND I TOOK PHOTOS TO BACK UP WHAT I'M CLAIMING. Darkwolf was left with absolutely NOT ONE piece of furniture or what not, Even cleaned out the kitchen of all foods which were not spoiled or moldy. Now to you Typhon, I don't want to ever hear you open your worthless trap again about shit like this, You do and I will put your own dirt shoes in it. I inspected that house and YOUR ROOM was the source of the bed bugs. I will be putting this in an official company letter to the apartment complex of which I have been contracted to provide an official estimate for damages.

Now to the others who were living there, I had to say this... I know all of you some I have known for a few years some of you I'm still pretty cool with, but seriously, The condition of those walls and carpets that are in that place, You seriously know that there is well over $2,500 worth of paint/drywall, Bug infestation, and ruined carpet damages which all you have to share the responsibility for. No matter what level of distrust or inability to get along issues you had that's all beside the point.. the facts here this is the structure of which you all lived and you all equally damaged together (ALL you including dark) It's morally wrong to truck the whole load on his doorstep.

But in all seriousness, leaving without a warning wasn't cool. You should have given him at least a 30 day notice you intended to move. Hell even I gave Cici a month to be out and I was nice enough to allow him a little extra time to come and get his things. I may not like him, but I was fair and civil. I even attempted to show Suni the same even though he's been so filled with BS he doesn't believe me.

Well in the latter of things, I told you both (both side of this disagreement) I saw this coming anyways, I just didn't know it was going to be 2 or 3 days later. I hope you all find the rest and peace of mind you all sought out.

The internal household breakdown of money is not in question by me. I have friend on both sides of this fence and well it's like I said, It's a big ole mess which I can't honestly take one side or the other on. No one kept any written records of bills or transactions of payments or what not, Just some money order stubs and bank account withdraw statements. I just hope that all you I know and are friends will will be the honest people I know you to be and to man/woman up to your obligations to your past and present households and pay up what your fair share of things were or are. I would do no less...

Myself as a friend to Dark, I came out as my company today and at our expense re-keyed his locks for him. I'm also going to attempt to give his apartment complex a contractors discounted price on restoration of the living spaces. Just at a glance it's seriously bad in there, I just had no idea it was that bad. My biggest concern of the whole thing is the kitchen of where there has been some water damage (apartment complex was solely responsible for - not any of them) where I fear may be an issue of black mold under the paint that has separated. If this is the case on inspection of it later on this week, Our official recommendation will be to relocate the habitants of the apartment to a new unit as this would be an unsafe living environment for humans. As I said earlier in this post the damages are going to be easily in the $1,500-$2,500 range as every wall, every carpet and most the ceilings are in need of total restoration and paint.
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Some things just get old!

Anymore I get so sick of seeing things like this in the news..

Our government spends too much time worrying about stupid shit they can't get any real work done. We have a nation in crises with loss of jobs and families becoming homeless, millions more starving and an infrastructure that is about to collapse, and yet they squabble over this crap?

Here is my view on the matter broken down by points I remember from that article...

* Use of public money for abortions:
I feel the use of such funds should be illegal. NO public money for this at all. There is this thing called Birth Control. Use it. If you don't want to risk kids then use it. It's cheap and simple to use now days. If you don't want kids and don't want to use birth control then get fixed and be done with it.

* Redefining rape?
You have to be fucking kidding me... What the hell are these politicians smoking? Rape is Rape, any friggen way you slice it. It's illegal, it's wrong and it's sick. Anyone who is low enough to rape someone should have a bullet put in their head when they are caught.

If you ask me they need to redefine what is considered consent. But that is a topic for later debate after they fix this nations real problems at hand. Someone needs to smack congress back in line cause they don't have a damn clue.
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A new convention is born

A new convention called Relax-A-Con is being formed which will be held in the latter part of the summer going into fall. The goal of this convention is to slow things down a little bit and gear the con for more of a relaxing fun atmosphere rather then a hussel bussel one. Their staff is seeking ideas of unique things you would love to see as features or benefits of convention registration.

What sort of things would you like to see from a new con and what things would draw you in to attend it?
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Kicking off the new year!

Well this New Year came in with a hell of a fun party!! Now to set forth on the path to getting things working..

First thing to work on is getting some line of work going well for myself. I have 3 registered companies to operate in the state I live in, I just now have to get off my tail and start getting these things advertised then start servicing customers. So for now that is going to become my main focus in life till something starts panning out.

Wrapping up the last year, I had been working on fursuit commissions, and a single puppet commission which ALL I had to put on hold temporarily. For those who had the paid fursuit commissions or any commission where labor time was paid for, those will be honored as promised. Sorry I cannot do any free commission work at this time. I know I have a few I have promised and when things calm down I will honor those as well. In the new year and after these free commissions are completed there will be no future free commissions. ALL WARRANTY work on prior built fursuits WILL BE HONORED at all times.

It was also brought to my attention from someone I knew in my past that I tended to turn out what was referred to "less then standard" fursuits. After doing some thinking about this conversation I have to stop and say, QUOTE: " None of my fursuits are less then standard. Everything I have made in the past is of quality and I will put any one of them up aginst one of the top rated suit makers at any time. I know each one of my suits will meet or exceed the builds of these other suit builders and I will stake my reputation on it. I don't cut corners and I won't use substandard materials. I don't charge extra for many things that most of the top name builders charge extra for." I know all my suits are what my customers have asked for and so far out of more then 50 fursuits I have only had 1 which needed a complete rebuild cause I made a mistake on a measurment. But it was honored, they have a new fursuit and they debuted at Furfright this year. Simply it comes down to this. I know my fursuits last 15 years or longer. I have 3 that I have made back in the mid 90's which still to this day look new. They have not required many repairs (less your typical spot gluing on the feet) and the fur still looks day 1 new. And in closing you point out one suit maker out there who backs their fursuits with a lifetime warranty?

But enough blabbering about that... I will post more about fursuits later :)

The year 2010 was a year without employement, and although I spent part of every week seeking new work, there is a lack of good jobs that can support a simple household. But in all the bad of struggling for making ends meet and stress of job hunting.. I lived more that year then I ever have. I got in real tune with my furry side and I have made a ton of awesome new friends! I love you all and I really look forward to spending time with you all and hanging out! So lets see how much more awesome we can make the year 2011!!!
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New York Furry Ball 2010-2011

That party was AWESOME!

Thank you to all those who bought beers and all, It was a total kick tail time! The dance and everything was a total blast getting to spend the new years with all you. Hang over was less then plesant but hey it was worth it :D

*tries to remember everything*

Normally I'm not the best writer about explaining all the things we did, I know the dance was fun! We totally had a huge suiter turnout! I wore my pawpads down raw from dancing (no joke). They also had a really nice buffet style dinner, and were talking a NICE one.. Salads, rice piloft, bbq chicken bits, pasta! then there was desert and all kinds of alcohol! (I tired one of everything - HIC!) .. After eating I returned to the dance floor and also went out to play the furry rockband. I wasn't the best drummer in suit but it was fun as one of my foxy brothers came up and helped me out :D

We had a room party too.. this is where I went and got smashed! Not this weak beer or anything.. Syberfox had some nice 161 proof mixes and we made a few nice mixtures that are still kicking my tail as I write this! All in all this was the best 1 day event I have been to! I TOTALLY PLAN to return next New Years!!!
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Furry Holiday Bash!

Well it's now drawing to a close on one of my first ever furry outtings. Starting last Friday, Syberfox, Keeya, Wuffle, Drayk, Sir Knightwolf and Koinu all attended.

During this time we went on several suiting events, First one being a Bowling outting here in Delaware! We were a big hit and we all had a load of fun. Myself I rolled my highest fursuit game ever with a 107!

Coming back in we also had an entire night and into the early morning hours of Furry Rock Band! I learned I was good at Drums and Keyboard but man.. I can't play a guitar to save my furry butt! LOL.. But we all had a super blast!!

On one of the other days we visited Koinu and went on yet another walk into the short north where we have the Gallery Hop. We had a grand time walking around and visiting various bars in fursuit as well as some stores. We even went further north to yet another bar where we danced, Hula-hooped, and entertained the live DJ! We definately are going back to that one again!

And finally tonight we raided Walmart in north columbus in fursuit. We spent about 40 minutes in the store having a good ole time and taking pictures with the patrons! We finnished the night out at the Stake n Shake! After a good meal and some more laughing we returned back here to the house. In all a wonderful week of friends, fun, fursuiting and some holiday drinks ;)

can't wait till we have our next one!
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Holiday rant

You know.. I have been noticing a lot more that people have gone from "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Christmas"....

What was wrong with the other way? It's like American sensorship is killing our holidays and classic TV programming anymore...
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Just been a while

Just to post, it's been a while since I have posted anything or any replies but just to let ya all know I'm still out here :)

Hope your holidays are merry and bright!
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Midwest Furfest is just days away. Anyone else going?

For all those of you who know me, I will be holding a "Deep Dish Pizza" gathering in the consuite again this year. I will have it marked on the bulletin board they have in the main hallway to announce the times of it. Most likely will be on Saturday Night.

As you all may be aware Chicago IL is famous for inventing the deep dish and there is only one real place to get a superb one from. A large generally runs about $35 but can feed 6 people easy. You may not think a single slice can fill you up but these are literally 3 to 4 inches thick.

Hope to see you there!!!
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